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Intro - Mindful Transformation of a Processed Doctor - Go UN-PRO

Updated: Jan 21

First of all, I am incredibly excited to begin this podcast, for my own good! Have you ever known that something is SO good for you that you just can't wait, but life gets in front of you and prevents you from doing it? I am starting this series of videos and articles so that I can be accountable to myself regarding the changes in my diet that I REALLY NEED to survive into my 90s without heart disease, dementia, and arthritis. And hopefully as you follow along, you can make your own improvements that will extend your life and prevent the horrible illnesses heart disease, dementia, and arthritis.

Can I introduce myself? I'm Dr Brent W. Laartz, and I am an Infectious Diseases physician with a Master's in Neuroscience. And I have lived a life of processed foods despite knowing the facts that are stacked against me if I continue living this way. And I am not going to do it anymore and I am going to stay accountable to myself so that I follow through with it this time.

This journal documents the transformation of a wholeheartedly devoted consumer of processed products and the world that creates them to a more mindful utilization of organic whole-food prebiotic and probiotic fruits and vegetables. There is no shortage of data showing that eating processed foods leads to diabetes, cardiac disease, and dementia. The possible culprits in these processed foods include artificial sweeteners, artificial preservatives, plastics, and cooking oils, such as canola oil.

Some of you might think, I'm already in my 50s, it's too late! There is longevity research suggesting that diet and lifestyle changes that occur in middle age are just as effective as if you begin at a younger age. And there are dozens of suggestions that in actuality, these modifications can be hearty, filling, tasty, and fun!

According to research, the best path to high-stakes success is to split the process into smaller goals that are easier to achieve. Each week, I will reward myself for my progress. However, research also shows if you reward yourself for every step you attain, the rewards are not effective. Flip a coin, reward yourself only if you win the toss, and the accolade becomes a powerful motivating tool. Another potent method of success is accountability. However, don’t go out and shout out to the world the goal you have.  Research shows telling others your plan prematurely gives you rewards too early and can inhibit your success. Having a partner who is also motivated toward the same goal helps both prosper. I'm hoping you can be my partner and I can become yours, or grab yourself a partner you can trust. We may not have the exact same plan but we will do it together.

I will be presenting recipes, methods, videos, and support for those who wish to follow or witness this transformation for total health. Go Un-pro - live the unprocessed life. A weekly YouTube, Podcasts, and Articles will help you follow along and perhaps change your own life. Maybe a book at the end of it all, who knows! Follow the links for the YouTube channel; Spotify, Apple, and You Tube Music Podcasts; and here for the written word on! Stay tuned for Week 1, where I will begin the transformation - gradually, with the entire process split up into smaller goals that will take shape weekly.

So come along, let's get started. What are you waiting for? It will be EASY, I promise! If I can do it, anybody can!

Brent W. Laartz, MD

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