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What you are witnessing by following this site (and hopefully joining the journey along the way) is a transformation from what I thought was healthy in the past to a fully mindful state of being.  Like some of you, I have actually lived a relatively healthy life and am not obese, but I know there is a better way forward to protect my aging muscles, heart, and brain from processed foods and plastics.  You and I will learn by trial and tribulation the best life we can live.


Interestingly, I am not on here to sell you anything.  I have built companies based on the almighty capitalist goal of making money and have been highly successful in doing so.  However, while you may see ads along the way, these simply pay the bills and keep the lights on at  I will share some of the recipes and products that I have found helpful for the journey.

With a weekly article, You Tube video, and podcasts on Spotify, Apple, and You Tube Music, you will see what we are talking about.  I will share my urine testing for bisphenols and phthalates at the beginning of our journey and will share each weekly step.  At the end of a year, the goal is to rid ourselves of 90% of the processed trappings we previously poisoned our bodies with.  And we will have fun doing it, and we will allow ourselves to cheat so that we don't live too spartan a life.  We are human after all!

Brent W. Laartz, MD

Our Journey Guide

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